7 Signs That Your Dog Needs More Mental Stimulation

Have you noticed that your dog has an endless tank of energy all day, every day 24 hours a day? Even with a few good walks, they are still tearing up furniture, stealing and destroying your favourite slippers and just not letting you get on with a single thing unless it is 100% revolving aroound them? Here are a few tell tell signs to look out for, as well as some tips on how to keep them busy.

#1- Can’t Settle

Is your dog pacing around breathlessly? Laying down for two seconds before getting up, spinning around to try and get comfortable again? Dogs that do this need more mental stimulation. Even if you have physically stimulated them by walking or playing, their brain is the part of them that cannot rest. Teaching them tricks and simple commands will definitely send them out for the count and give you an hour or so’s peace and quiet! Another great one is playing hide and seek in the house or garden – that one always sends our dog into a frenzy which is quickly followed by a power nap!

#2 – Destroys Things

If your dog is shredding, chewing, tearing, and ripping your belongings, no matter how many miles you run him, then he probably needs to wear out that brain. Give him an activity toy that he can “tear” into or a puzzle to solve (hiding toys is great!).

#3 – Chases Tail

Some dogs become obsessed with chasing their tail. Often it’s herding breeds such as the Border Collie, but any dog can become a tail chaser. Give your dog something else to do with her mind, and she’ll stop the chase (barring any medical conditions). Things like teaching her to herd a ball into a net or trick training can help.

#4 – Barks at Everything

This is the dog that acts like she’s “looking for trouble” — everything’s a threat, including the imaginary bunny in the corner or you walking through the door. Training is definitely a must for these dogs, but so is giving them something else to do with their brain other than imagining threats. Give them a job to do – such as when the doorbell rings, she needs to find her mat and go lay down – to help ease her mind.

#5 – Digs Holes

Has your dog dug a hole to China in the backyard? Again, this is usually a boredom behavior. Give your dog something to do in the backyard that uses her brain and she will be less likely to dig up your petunias. Some pet parents actually give their dog a sand box to dig in and bury things for them to find – this uses mental and physical energy!

#6 – Sleeps A Lot

You may think this is a good thing, but it can be a sign your dog is bored and it’s definitely not healthy. If your dog sleeps more than your cat, you probably should break out some activity toys.

#7 – Whines

If your dog is whining for what seems like no reason (you’ve ruled out pain, fear, stress, attention, etc.), he may be bored. Think back to when you were a kid – what did you do when you were bored? You whined to your parents! Your dog is doing the same thing. Wait until he is quiet, and then give him something to do like an activity toy, or play a game with him.

Your dog may not do all these things! But if a couple stand out then it can’t help to try a few of our tips to see if there is any improvement. Your dog will love us either way as you reading this is going to guarantee that they get tonnes more attention!