De-Shed Sessions

Calling all Labradors, Frenchies, Pugs, Staffs and the rest! Our short coated De-Shed Sessions are made for YOU!

You may choose one of the above breeds because on first inspection their short coats seem as though they need little to no grooming, upon living with one for 24 hours you download (7)will soon find out that they leave a trail of shedding fur behind them wherever they go. They have a coat that sheds practically all the time, I know if you Google it they’ll tell you that it’s only during Summer but they’re wrong. It is all year round, all day, every day – only slightly less at certain times of the year. Slightly. 

A visit to us every 2-3 months will help massively in the hoovering-your-house-ten-times-a-day department. Your pooches De-Shed Session will include:-

  • A double shampoo (100% natural, delicious smelling shampoo – obviously)
  • Coconut conditioner massaged into their coat using one of our special rubber bath brushes
  • Blueberry Facial Scrub – Deeply cleans their stinky jowels and simply smells AMAZING
  • Blast out – We use highly powered pet blasters which dry them 10 times faster than a regular drier, and blows out all of that loose coat before we even start brushing
  • Thorough de-shed and brush out – We have a selection of tools to use on your pooch to remove all that cumbersome dead coat, such as the Zoom Groom + Furminator
  • Teeth Freshen up – Our Tropiclean teeth foam + gel helps to keep breath fresh and prevent gum disease
  • Ear Clean
  • Nail Trimdownload (8)
  • We finish off with a shine spray and final brush, to buff up their now gloriously shiny, healthy coat
  • Spritz of Dog Perfume/ Cologne and they’re good to go!


Price List

  • Small to Medium Breeds – From £18
  • Medium to Large Breeds – From £25

*Exact amount depends on individual dog’s temperament, coat condition etc*

Long/Double Coated De-Shed Sessions 

This one is for all long/double coated breeds – such as Samoyed, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, St.Bernard, Golden Retriever etc.   download

It’s really important to keep on top of regular grooming with these furry beasts, as their special self-regulating Double Coat is unable to function properly if it’s clogged up with dead fur.

These coats are also prone to becoming severely matted if regular brushing is not carried out. This is a real nightmare as clipping off this type of coat is one of the worst things to do, but is sometimes the only answer. Trying to de-matt is a terrible experience for the dog and is against the Animal Welfare Act, so in extreme cases coats do have to be removed so the owner can start again. This can cause the dog to overheat and potentially get sunburned as it’s protection from the elements is gone. So, long story short, you really do want to do right by your gorgeous dog and bring them in every 2-3 months for their De-Shed Session at Hello Pets.

Your pooch will get:-

  • Same bath + conditioning treatment as listed above
  • Mega blast out – it will look as though it’s snowing in our studio – a blizzard of dead coat, how lovely!
  • Brush out and de-shed
  • Any knots/tangles will be removed. Some owners like to have the rear end thinned out a bit as it makes it more manageable for them to keep clean when they’re dog does their business, this is only done on request so please make sure you mention it
  • Teeth + Gum Freshen up
  • Ear Clean
  • Nail Trimdownload (6)
  • Spritz of fragrance (by this time your dog will be feeling a million BUCKS!)

It’s good to keep up with regular grooming in between their appointments with us, but you really will see the difference in how healthy your dog’s coat can look with the correct maintenance.


  • Small to Medium Breeds – £30 – £40
  • Medium to Large Breeds – £45 – £60
  • Large to Extra Large Breeds – £70 – £85


*Exact amount depends on temperament, how regular the dog comes in, coat condition*

*Please note that all our prices include the mammoth job of the tidy up afterwards – imagine fur on the ceiling, walls, windows, in drawers and cupboards (it gets in there somehow!) *

Remember we always encourage meet + greets, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to arrange a time to pop in and meet us with your pooch before making an appointment. You can find all relevant contact information here.

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