Puppa Pamper

Hello Pets Puppa Pamper Packages – Starting from £30 


Small Dog Puppa Package – £30 (Yorkshire Terrier, Pug, Chihuahua etc)





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Medium Dog Puppa Package – £35

   (Spaniels, Cockapoo, Bichon Frise etc)










Large Dog Puppa Package – £40

(Labrador, Golden Retriever, Large Labradoodles etc )




A Puppa Package consists of 2 x 1 hour visits to get them used to grooming before their first big grown up haircut (or longer de-shed session for short haired breeds). On completion of your second visit, your puppy will be booked in for their graduation groom where you will get 10% off normal price! (woohoo!)

(Pup must have all their vaccinations before first visit)

We understand the importance of making grooming an enjoyable, fun experience for your dog. That’s why our Puppa Pamper Package is such a vital one! Each session only lasts an hour (we get as much done as the pup is happy with during that hour, we don’t want to keep them any longer as it’s meant to be a short and sweet visit ) even though we’d love to have them all day! Your pooch will thank you for this, and you know you want them to be a Hello Pets Puppa!

Each 1 hour pamper will include:-

  • Run around the salon for 10 minutes – There are lots of interesting smells for your puppa to sniff out and investigate, this helps to settle them in before getting down to business!


  • A soak in the tub with organic, 100% natural puppy shampoo


  • Blow dry with our quiet, handheld drier – The pet blaster we use on adult dogs can be frightening for babies and we wouldn’t want them to feel like they’re being blown off the table!


  • Introduction to equipment – We’ll hold the clippers near them so they can get accustomed to the sound, show them how the table moves up and down, lightly brush out their coat etc


  • Any light trimming needed – If you have a fluffy breed they will have hair growing in between their eyes by the time they reach 14 weeks, so we’ll clear that away for them. Scissors near eyes can be scary for your little ones first time round, so if they are fidgety and trying to wriggle free we’ll stop and try it another way. The last thing your puppy needs is to be spooked by something and then be forced to go through with it – they won’t forget it and it will become unnecessarily stressful for them.


  • Nail trim – Trimming your pups razor sharp nails is an important thing to get right straight from the start. A lot of dogs hate having their nails done and it can be a real problem throughout their life if they refuse to let anyone do it. Ultimately they’ll end up at the Vets having to be anesthetized so that the vet can do it whilst they’re asleep, which obviously is expensive and also an ordeal for your pet to go through just to get its tootsies trimmed.


  • Treats! – With your permission we’ll give them a few puppy treats throughout their visit, this will make them associate coming to us as a great thing because they get yummy treats – dogs are so fickle!


  • Socialization – Allowing your pup to meet lots of dogs in this early stage of their little life is so essential. It will encourage outgoing behaviour and who better than another dog to show them the ropes? Our Springer Spaniel Leo will most likely be mooching about when your baby comes for their pamper – unless he’s out in our Hello Pets wagon helping to walk all the dogs! He is always up for a play and tumble around the salon. We have videos of him doing exactly that here. As well as Leo we’ve always got dogs coming and going so they’ll be able to have a sniff of our other customers too!


  • Cuddles + kisses – Lastly but MOST importantly, your baby will get an abundance of cuddles whilst they’re here. It’s great for them to be handled by someone other than members of their family, and also starts to build the level of trust needed between us to make all their visits stress free, fun and enjoyable.


  • FREE handmade jazzy bandana (usually £2.50 extra with each groom)


  • Your pup will receive a Certificate of Achievement for completing their Puppa Pamper Package, a tasty bag of puppy treats to take home, and a welcome pack too!


We know how much of a big deal it is to leave your new family member in our care. That’s why we encourage you to come in for a meet and greet before their appointment, this gives your pup chance to say hi and have a sniff around with you with them the whole time. That way, next time you come to drop them off they’ll feel more at ease as they’ve smelt these smells before; it won’t all  be so alien to them.

Have a look at some of our Hello Pets Puppas below…

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