Wash ‘n’ Wag

Bath time at Hello Pets!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of regular bathing and brushing out at home, not to mention the mess it creates!

Plus, a couple of our customers have informed us that they’re pooches are a nightmabath picre when they try to brush them at home, but behave perfectly well when they come to us for grooming – obviously we have the magic touch!

We offer a bath + brush out service starting from £18

*If you have a double coated breed such as a LABRADOR or GERMAN SHEPHERD etc please refer to our De-Shed Sessions page for more info – a bath + brush out is essentially the entire groom for your pooch so prices for that service are listed there*

bath pic 3






A Wash ‘n’ Wag includes:

  • Double shampoo + conditioner in our yummy smelling, 100% natural products
  • Brush out *Minimal knots will be brushed out at no extra cost, if the coat is matted – the removal of the matts will incur extra charges*
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Clean
  • Teeth Freshen Up
  • Spritz of Fragrance

This is also a great way to get your dog into the habit of coming to us if they’ve had bad experiences at the groomers before.

We’ve found that dogs who could get aggressive, scared or incredibly fidgety – get much better over time coming in bath pic 2and out the salon just having short bathing sessions.

That way when they do come in for their full groom which may take up to two hours, they’re not dreading the thought of it so much as they’ve had all these short sessions previously. They also get used to us and we can start forming that bond of trust that’s so important.

If your dog has had a bad experience with grooming before, or needs a different approach to get them used to the process, please get in touch to arrange a meet + greet where we can discuss their individual needs and arrange a plan of action!

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